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About us

HVSG is a veteran and veterans' families drop in support group. Our aim speaks for itself - but we simplify it  by using our tagline  'Veterans supporting Veterans'.

How do we do this? The answer is simple - over a relaxed cuppa in a safe, relaxing environment, either sat amongst your peers, or on a one to one  - the choice is yours. Everyone is an equal with no hierarchy  or militarily speaking 'head shed' -  just you and fellow veterans sharing experiences and helpful information with the same attitude and goal.

There are two Royal British Legion trained caseworkers who can help and assist with information or more detailed needs. They understand the system and the military -  one is a wife and mother of ex servicemen, and the other, an ex-serviceman.

HVSG prides itself on its partnership work with all the military charities,and has an outstanding amount of support from local organisations. We believe in getting involved within the community but are also blessed to have a garden and on-site office here at our home, Saxon Hall, Hereford.

Our Aim is:


Promote an individual's own Thinking, and to ensure that it is focussed and clear,enabling them to remain Stable and self confident, disciplined and Determined, totally in tune with themselves, in order to live the life they wish to live.

HVSG is a place to create new friendships, get involved with the banter but most importantly, it is a place to get your answers and your voice and needs heard.


Come along and see for yourself -  the kettle is always on ...



Here at HVSG we are all volunteers, with the same vision. "Veterans supporting Veterans"


The group is run by Veterans for Veterans with YOU at its core. We do have volunteers who have no military connection,but give their time and support because they believe in the group and in YOU. The volunteers are a key part of the team,and without them HVSG could not acheive half of what it does. With this in mind, all that can be said  is a heart felt THANK YOU!


If you would like to be part of the team, or support in anyway you can, please contact us.

WE NEED YOU Volunteers!